Jacques Bolley, his only son, founder of the first Beaulé family in America.

While growing up, he lived with his mother in St-Vallier de Bellechasse, a small village on the southern shore of the St. Lawrence River. He may not have gone to school since he could not read nor write. We know very little about him except his presence at friends' weddings in 1778 and 1779 and as a laborer in 1780 at Rivière du Sud at Eudore Boulet, a relative of his future spouse.

On October 2, 1781 in this parish, he married Marie-Rosalie Boulé, daughter of Augustin Boulé and Geneviève Tanguay. The couple immediately settled in St-Henri de Lauzon (de Levis) where he was a farmer for about fifty years. During this time the family name varied from Bolley to Bolé, to Baulay and Beaulais. There is even a parish document where he is named Lazard Bolé.

The family name BEAULE, appeared at the village school between 1792 and 1796. The "inventor" of that name could have been Mr. Jean-Baptiste Forcade de Rittberg, first director of the school at St-Henri. Strangely enough, this gentleman of German origin, was a member of the family by having married Marie-Françoise Dupéron in 1787, a cousin of Marie Lanclus.

After having given birth twelve times, Marie-Rosalie died at the birth of her last daughter, on February 7,1803. Jacques lived as a widower until his death on December 22, 1832. He was seventy-four years old at the time of his death leaving nine children and twenty-eight grandchildren. The first family with many generations to follow.