The Family Coat of Arms

The creation of the coat of arms was conceived and supervised by Paul Beaulé of Quebec, president of the association from 1993 to 1997.

The distinctive signs of our French origins from the Burgundy region of France, with the "fleur-de-lis" and the cluster of grapes, can be prominently seen in it. These are joined closely with the maple leaf of Canada and above all the family name, Beaulé, invented in Quebec and spread to all corners of the continent.

This most symbolic coat of arms, identifies perfectly the great Beaulé family on North American soil.

An ancestral emblem

The gunner soldier's tri-cornered hat and the flag of the "old" New-France attaches us symbolically to our ancestor and his trade. These two defining items in the same image tells us all, of the mission of our ancestor: the defense of the colony in the most critical period of its history. We have all the reasons to believe that he accomplished this mission with great pride.

This emblem is a graphic design by the student Éric Beaulé. (Montreal 1990)

A gift: his signature

It is for us, somewhat like his photo.

Having to leave the country once his mission was accomplished, he could not have left us a better or more "personal" gift. Nothing more authentic, nothing more official, nothing more paternal...

By pulling a copy of our ancestor's signature from his marriage certificate and using it as the mast-head for the association's bulletin, the editor, Marcel Beaulé, has given it a very particular prominence.

These emblems will be passed on to many future generations.